Impartial History is essentially about covering history without political bias. Historical propaganda produced by world superpowers has locked many people into a delusional recollection of the past; this website seeks to remove this delusion. It is important that history to taught fully and when ignoring certian factors and or events, history is manipulated and disrespected. The manipulation of history can be expected by victors of the winning side. This website intends to fill the gaps and to archive censored information from large corporations that have control over documentation. The focus of this website includes archiving history about: Fascism, National Socialism, and Philosophy. Information also includes: Communism, Democracy, and general contemporary politics. Obviously the latter list being the opposition of what this website sees as pernicious.

This website was created by one "developer." In reality just someone who wants to share information and is doing so by using beginner level html coding skills. With this it is asked that this website not be judged for its looks, but rather the information it seeks to archive. If any visitor would like to submit any information, videos, or contact the creator of the website for any other reason please contact the email: impartialhistory@protonmail.com. This is not an everyday email, so do not expect a fast reply. Enjoy!

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